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I am a little bug and you are a beautiful garden.

Rad to the bone

My idea of a perfect date:



Make a delicious dinner for a man, followed by homemade dessert. Then put some sexy lingerie and have awesome sex. After that, smoke some weed and cuddle naked and watch Game of Thrones or Bob’s Burgers.

I’ve gotta edit this and say watching Breaking Bad is now an option.

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You write a novel.

Everyone loves the novel.

Someone makes a movie based off your novel.

Your favorite actor is cast in the movie based on your novel.

You become best friends with said actor.

It can’t happen if you don’t sit your ass down and write your novel.

I love how this person just knows we fantasize about this

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I sit next to a popular sports boy in my math class and he was sleeping so i leaned over and doodled a flower on his paper and the first time he didn’t wake up but the second time he did & smiled at me and later in class i saw he had doodled a whole tiny meadow around the 2 flowers and he was trying to hide it but it didn’t work..i know ur secret popular sports boy, u are just as dorky & cute as everyone else

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